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Am trying to install a secondary site, but when running the prerequisites check, it give the below error:

“A site server or site system role is already installed on the computer selected for site server installation. Remove the site or site system role from the computer, or select another computer for site server installation”

have search the for this error with no success, try with the registry key as well, no luck.

the remote server am trying to install my secondary site used to have a management and distribution point before which i clean with no errors from the logs.

Any suggestion please.


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    Your additional Site system hostname information is already available on Site Server database. That’s why this is not allowing you to install again with same hostname.

    Please use the below SQL query and get the status from SCCM DB.
    Select LEFT(ServerName, CHARINDEX(‘.’, ServerName) – 1) from v_SystemResourceList where RoleName = ‘SMS Site System’

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    Can you also check if there is any trace remaining in SQL DB for the previous used server after removing from console ?

    If so you may try and delete from DB as well then recreate from fresh.


    Most probably you might have site system server entries on your primary server

    Hopefully, you can’t find the site system server role in console….

    Have you seen tried PowerShell from primary server https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powershell/module/configurationmanager/remove-cmsitesystemserver?view=sccm-ps


      Hi Anoop,
      i used to have 2nd management and distribution point on that server, with the default component and site system role which i manually deleted form the console and it is not there any more.
      i think the above power-shell command will remove my primary site which i don’t want to do.

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