Facing an issue in SSCM Devices


Hi All,

Recently I have been facing an issue in my SCCM environment where the devices are receiving the updates but the status on the console is an enforcement unknown state. And when I check it manually it shows the update in the past-due installed state. The maintenance windows are verified and are correct, but 50% of the devices are showing an incorrect complaint state.
The urgent need is highly appreciated. Thanks.

Posted by Priya Bhargava in HTMD FB Group

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  1. Replied by Danish Khan

    R u new to sccm??

    Replied by Priya Bhargava

    Danish Khan, can you help?

    Replied by Danish Khan

    Priya Bhargava, just wait for some time or check the logs

    Replied by Priya Bhargava

    Yes kind of

    Replied by Aaron Armstrong

    What does wuahandler.log say?

  2. Replied by Abhijit Agalawe

    How frequently are your clients evaluating against the deployment? You need to change client settings to run more frequently if you want to see instant changes to your monitoring page.
    7 days is the default.

    Replied by Priya Bhargava

    Abhijit Agalawe, it is set to 7 days only

    Replied by Abhijit Agalawe

    Priya Bhargava, so all clients will scan for deployment status within 7 days. If you want, you can force deployment reevaluation client action on the entire collection, which should report the status immediately.

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