Failed to get service object: 80248014+windowsupdate.log


Patches are not installing on the user machine.

Every time it tries to install and after reboot it displays a message: ”we couldn’t complete the updates undoing changes”.


Verified WUAhandler.log no error messages are logged.

Windows update service not exists on the machine.


This is Windows 8.1 and latest service stack update: Kb4566425 is installed.


I have executed regsvr32 wuaueng.dll and imported WSUS registry key form my test machine.

After reboot Windows Update service is created.


WSUS clean up done: Stop service, Removed Software distribution folder ,Started the service.


Downloaded a single patch and try to install manually: Installation was successful but after reboot patch disappears from addremove programs.


Windowsupdate.log show me this message: Failed to get service object: 80248014 after patch installation.


Can you suggest any thing?

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    Our service desk team is running a script and which breaks windows update service and we requested them to rebuild the machine.

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  1. I have not seen this issue ..however, it seems to be something to do with SSU update?

    Have you already tried to update the SSU before the patching

    As part of SSU update, (I think) it will update the WUA version and that might fix this issue…

    Also refer to

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