Failed to get service object: 80248014+windowsupdate.log


Patches are not installing on the user machine.

Every time it tries to install and after reboot it displays a message: ”we couldn’t complete the updates undoing changes”.


Verified WUAhandler.log no error messages are logged.

Windows update service not exists on the machine.


This is Windows 8.1 and latest service stack update: Kb4566425 is installed.


I have executed regsvr32 wuaueng.dll and imported WSUS registry key form my test machine.

After reboot Windows Update service is created.


WSUS clean up done: Stop service, Removed Software distribution folder ,Started the service.


Downloaded a single patch and try to install manually: Installation was successful but after reboot patch disappears from addremove programs.


Windowsupdate.log show me this message: Failed to get service object: 80248014 after patch installation.


Can you suggest any thing?

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