Failed to persist AAD on-boarding info. Error 0x87d00227


Issue: Client is not reporting in console.

Client: Server 2012 OS

Config Manager version: 1906

Client Version:5.00.8913.1032

Location service.log says error message; Failed to persist AAD on-boarding info. Error 0x87d0022.

When i try to run ” Machine Policy Retrieval and Evaluation Cycle” It throws an error message: The Selected Cycle cannot start.

Please suggest.


Satish T.


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    Hi Anoop,

    Thanks for the confirmation on the error code: 0x87d0022.

    I am able to find smsagent host status moves to stop every time on this server (Believe GPO is doing it).
    I have escalated this to server team.

    You can consider this issue is fixed.

    Thanks for your help.

    Satish T

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  1. You can ignore the following error “Failed to persist AAD on-boarding info. Error 0x87d0022.”

    This error is not relevant for server operating systems.

    1. What you mean by client not reporting?
    2. The client is showing as NO in the console?
    3. The patch deployment is not happening?

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