Fetch report to get application in add remove from all machines.


Hi all,

I am looking what all applications are installed in ADD/remove program from all collections? is there any sql query where will get all softwares are install from all machines? pls suggest

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  1. You just need to run this query from SQL..or you can create a custom report.

    Again, I don’t recommend collecting this info and this is not very useful report..


    Thanks Anoop.

    Just query, can we get same report from SCCM inbuild report option or create custom report in sccm?


  2. You can easy get this report … but this report is similar to get all the details of software’s from all computers via sccm … that is going to almost put lot of load on sql and more over it won’t be helpful at all


    Just remove everything after “where” condition from the query mentioned in the above post. Remove Where condition as well


      Hi Anoop

      I can’t open in sccm to get all software list from all machines as need report where have all software installed on machine so that will target those machine which having any trial or 3rd party software installed. pls suggest


      • What you mean by you can’t get all the software list from all machines? I have given you the SQL query … you can use that query to get the list … Don’t use the part from WHERE clause?

        But this is not good practice at all

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