Fix SCCM Admin console silent command line issues


‪anyone get the following command line working 🙂 or am I missing something? #sccm #configmgr #memcm 😇‬

‪ConsoleSetup.exe /q TargetDir=”%ProgramFiles%ConfigMgr Console”‬



I couldn’t make this working ✅

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Anoop C Nair 5 months 12 Answers 646 views 0

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  1. It was because of a pending Teams installation

    Got that details when I tried to install it without the silent switch

    Best answer
  2. ConsoleSetup.exe /q TargetDir=”C:\Program Files\ConfigMgr Console”

  3. Anoop C Nair
    Msi params need to be passed in /V.pls try below cmd,if still error try changing msi params to caps(TARGETDIR)

    ‪ConsoleSetup.exe /q /V”TargetDir=”%ProgramFiles%ConfigMgr Console\””

    • Is there any space needed between /V and parameter

      ConsoleSetup.exe /q /V ”TargetDir=”%ProgramFiles%ConfigMgr Console””

      • I tried both

        ConsoleSetup.exe /q /V ”TargetDir=”%ProgramFiles%ConfigMgr Console””

        ConsoleSetup.exe /q /V”TargetDir=”%ProgramFiles%ConfigMgr Console””

        No luck

  4. Hi,

    Try this below command line.

    ConsoleSetup.exe /q TargetDir=”C:Program FilesConfigMgr Console”


  5. It seems the backslash is not pasting for me as well…

  6. I think it should be

    ‪ConsoleSetup.exe /q TargetDir=”%ProgramFiles%ConfigMgr Console”

    Have you missed the ‘’ in copy and paste?

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