Getting error hash value is not correct during application installation.


Same application installation  on machine from other dp properly.

1.removed package from dp and redistributed.

2.removed filed from cache folder

3.reinstall sccm client.

But same issue . please help on this.

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Mohd Aamir 5 months 13 Answers 110 views Beginner 0

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  1. As per Karthik incorrect hash updated into DB due to such issue come sometime

  2. I don’t think the hash value details are stored in DB

  3. Hi,

    Sometimes this will happens because of incorrect hast value updated in DB. better you can create the new application with same source then distribute the content to dp then create the deployment finally see the result on client machine.


  4. Ok I will check and revert on same.
    How to enable classic package share ,any link for this.

  5. It’s always a bit tricky

    Have you enabled content validation on your DP on a schedule

    I had a post long back but it’s not much valid for a new content library

    Don’t try HashDIR.exe, that won’t work for CB version…

    smsdpusage.exe is the one you can use with SCCM CB

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