Google Chrome Third party updates Publishing issue


Hi All,

I have created custom catalog for Google chrome from Patch Connect Plus(Manage Engine) trial version in my SCCM 2207. I am able to create the custom catalog & able to Subscribe & Sync it with WSUS.

Post which Google chrome appear in SUP “Products” * after selecting Google Chrome option there, again ran sync & i can see Google Chrome meta deta(blue color) showed up in All Software Updates.

But after that when i am trying to Publish the “Custom Catalog” & checking SMS_ISVUpdates_Syncagent & getting attached Error.

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    Hi Sumit,

    Cannot see attached error , can you paste it


      Hi Debabrata,

      Yes, i have already gone through the above listed post but that did not answer my specific ask related to publishig issue with third party updates

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