Hardware inventory issue on servers and Workstations.


Hi Team,

We have a issue with hardware inventory issue on few servers and workstation. So i tried with below steps and the issue has been resolved. So now i would like to create a automation and deploy to the workstation machins. So can someone please help me how to proceed with automation with below steps.
Deleted the Hardware inventory status from WBEMTEST.
initiated the Harware inventory scan
Repair the Client.
Compiled thd WBEM mof file and restarted the WMI service.

Please help me how to do the auntomation.


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    Thanks Anoop Sir for quick response.

    Actually we already have the client health automation technics to fix the any client issue. But this is completely regarding Hardware inventory so I would like to create a one automation technics with those solution steps.

  1. Well I don’t think this is the permanent solution. My recommendation is to try to find out the root cause than just repairing the client and doing some WMI hack.

    I would try to implement the client health automation technics to fix the issue. Refer https://www.anoopcnair.com/fix-sccm-client-issues-automation/

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