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I am trying to set antimalware policy to allow real-time protection in windows defender to turn off and on by the user automatically .

I created a new antimalware policy from SCCM and applied on a server with “Allow users on client computers to configure real-time protection settings” set to “Yes.  But the real-time protection setting never becomes available to be switched. I can see the policy is  applied but it remains on and cannot be switched off.

Any help is really appreciated..

Thank you

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    Good Question really. So the new policy you created. What’s the priority level of that? Why because policies are applied based on that.

    I wrote one piece on this few months ago which should help you understand better.

    I asked something similar in the same forum and was suggested by Anoop Sir to write all about it so it can be helpful for others.

    These lines i have already included in that blog but mentioning once again here.

    There is not much information available on google too apart from the generic MS article and the one from Henrik Hoe

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