High traffic generated on circuit becoz of SCCM



From Last 45 days every week we are facing issue of high network traffic generated on primary circuit by sccm primary server and it keep traffic for 10-15 hrs it wont come down until unless we restart the SMS executive service or restart the server, we checked   Client machines directly communicating with primary which should go to secondary server and we checked secondary server MP is working fine and the boundaries are also created correct one.

Most of the time it happens on Friday only, how we can get to know what activities are running on Friday?

Reply will be much appreciated!!

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    Adding to Anoop Sir’s question i also have couple of generic questions.

    1. What’s the OS on your Primary, Secondary, MP and DP?
    2. Are you using Branch Cache or Peer Cache?
    3. You said boundaries configured properly. What’s the mode of the boundary configured? Is it “Active Directory Site Based”, “IP Address Range”, “VPN” or “IP Subnets”?
    4. Repeating Anoop Sir’s question once again. Was the package distributed to all DP’s?
    5. Did you try checking at the client end that what these clients are trying to download when this “High Bandwidth Alert” triggers?
    6. What is the location URL it’s showing at the client end when you check “Persisted Location CTM Job”?
    7. When you check LocationServices log at the client end then what’s the value you see under the line “Calling Back With the Following WSUS locations”? What is the value showing under “Current AD Site of the machine is = ??” Local/Remote.
    8. Did you install wireshark and tried monitoring the traffic getting generated at the time of this issue reported?
    9. What’s the DTS job state?
    10. Hope BITS is working on these clients.

    Kindly reply so we can work together and get it shorted out.

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  1. Have you configured the data transfer limit between Primary server and secondary servers?

    Another one you need to check the package distribution to remote DPs is happening or not?

    What kind of traffic is this? Did you get any indication from the network team? between which servers?

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      I just checked and confirmed that you can’t enable the SQL based replication schedule between primary and secondary servers. It’s allowed between primary and CAS.

      But you can enable file based replication or transfer schedule between secondary and primary servers?

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