How Can Send a Reboot Request to Users on a Particular Device

How we can send a reboot request to users on particular devices? With a typical message to allow the user to postpone it three times as max?
How can send the reboot request at any time, any day, and what if the computer is disconnected from the network? How we will try to reach daily the computer until it gets rebooted
Posted by Aadhyan Reddy in HTMD FB Group

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    Replied by Josh Holschen

    I have forced reboot execs but you don’t change security policies for a few execs.
    If you want a custom policy for those few machines that is one thing but changing for everyone is just plain dumb.
    Make the update available ahead of time to where they can install it at their leisure and if they don’t is their own fault


    Replied by Isaac Holmes

    Josh Holschen You obviously haven’t force rebooted an execs machine in the middle of a Zoom call, or boardroom presentation. And if the reboot is needed due to updates having been installed it is more than 30 seconds.

    Replied by Eduard Kokesch

    Josh Holschen you are right; defined maintenance windows makes it easier for the users and the admin can control all devices


    Replied by Julie Versoi

    I came across this recently, haven’t had a chance to really explore it though.

    Replied by Josh Holschen

    why are admins so quick to allow users to suppress reboots? If it needs to be rebooted, reboot it. It thirty seconds out of their day and your compliance will be thousands of times better

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