How can we deploy Cumulative Update 23 for Exchange Server 2013 cu21 ?


Planning to update Exchange 2013 cu from 21 to 23 via sccm. Need Detailed steps for cluster environment please.

Thanks you in advance


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Deepak Pathak 5 months 2 Answers 160 views Beginner 0

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  1. I hope this is an SCCM pathing related question?

    – If it’s patching related question

    – Can you please let us know whether your servers are getting policies from SCCM server

    – If you are using the latest version of SCCM 2002

    – For server patching like cluster servers – You can try Orchestration Group and

    – If you don’t have the latest version of SCCM, then you need to schedule the patches to both the clusters with different schedules using normal software update process

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    • Thanks Anoop Sir for quick response, More likely I want to upgrade exchange cumulative update ver 23 so was looking if my sccm can help out at least to download and install. But I found that Upgrading exchange cu is different than updating normal windows patch.
      Hence will go manually considering my Older version of sccm 🙂

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