How do Application and package deployement differ from each other?


How do Application and package deployement differ from each other?

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    Given below are the answer for your question:

    Package Model Deployments benefits:
    * Legacy model deployment
    * No detection method
    * No Global condition
    * Install command and uninstall command will be handled in separate program
    * No revision history
    * No supersedence option
    * No Simulate deployment available

    Application Model Deployments benefits:
    * Traditional model deployment
    * Detection method available
    * Install command and uninstall command will be handled in same deployment type
    * global condition possible
    * Revision history
    * supersedence possible
    * simulate deployment available


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    Thanks Harjit for your response!
    As All the features suppoted by appliaction node in software center are also supported by package.
    Will you please elaborate in terms of usage.


      No, packages don’t have the same robust features as Applications.


        Can u please specify with some elaborated example.which will be easier for me to understand.


          1. Detection Method – to check if application in installed or not.
          2. Installation and uninstallation in same program.
          3. Global conditions – this can be added in requirements like disk space, any registry value etc.
          4. Simulate deployments – it’s actually checking how deployment will behave without deploying that application
          5. More visually appealing – you can get the application categories add icons which can be shown in software center.

          There are other lot of features which you get check.


    You will easily find this information on Google. But, here’s a quick explanation.

    Packages are what we had back in SCCM 2007. It’s basically a container with the application and was designed for computers and not users. Also does not show up in Software Center.

    Applications are basically application deployments on steroids. It gives you the ability to deploy to computers or user, apply detection methods, requirements, dependencies, add scripts, provide visibility in Software Center, allows for approving application installation requests for example to some licensed software, and much much more.

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