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My first question up here and it will not be the last one 🙂

We have opened a new office in a Israel and at the moment its DP and MP is in London. We have now created a new Server in Israel now. Question is how would I change the configuration for the computers in Israel so it talks with the new DP and Management point in Israel? How would I install a new DP and Management Point in SCCM on my Primary site?

How would I know all is working. Any log files I should be checking?

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    Thanks. Anoop for the answers. When the DP is created shall I create a MP on the same Server? So the clients start talking to the new MP. Or leave just create a new DP and leave it like that

  1. Hello Imran – Welcome !!

    I think the following guides might help you. Let me know if you have any further questions.

    MP Install

    DP Install

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