How to apply the patches during the MS patch cycle weekend using ADR?


Hi Team,

We would like to use Automatic Deployment Rule to deploy the patches on Servers with the below requirement.

As soon as the MS releases the patch in the second Tuesday, we would like to deploy the patch on the same week weekend for Non-Prod servers. Then the next week is for Prod servers should be patched. I checked the ADR rule it seems there is no option available for After MS release cycle and only week or month selections are available but if I choose that option it varies from month to month.

Ex: Jan 2023- 2nd Tuesday falls in 3rd week, Feb 2023- 2nd Tuesday falls in 2nd week.

As it various from month to month not able to select the static week and uncle to create ADR rules. Can someone guide me how to achieve this requirement. Thanks in Advance.




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    This is how i am using in my environment…

    Architecture: “x64”
    Date Released or Revised: Last 1 month
    Product: Products which you have selected
    Superseded: No
    Update Classification: “Security Updates”

    And i am perfectly ok with this..


      And Deployment schedule as below:

      To Pilot Collection : Available/Deadline : As soon as possible

      To Production Collection : Available after 7 days & installation deadline : ASAP

  1. Hi there are Offset options while creating the SCCM ADR rules as explained in the screenshot?×541.png

    More Details here….

    Do you think this is not going to cover all the scenarios, then it should go to new feature request for SCCM… As explained ->



      I don’t think the provided option works because it’s static and as i mentioned 2nd Tuesday falls in 2nd & 3rd week I’ve illustrated with examples in the question section.

      I thought I’m missing something and need the expert advice on how you guys are applying the patches.

      Thank you!

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