How to change SCCM Cache path during SCCM Client upgrade


We are upgrading SCCM client from CB 2002 to CB 2006 so during upgrade we wanted to update the CCMCache path and CCMCache size if it is not appropriate.
We are using PowerShell script for client upgrade and we have used “SMSCACHEDIR & SMSCACHESIZE” parameters for installation command but they are not working.
As per below MS article “When you upgrade an existing client, the client installer ignores this setting”
So, is there any way to update the CCMCache path and CCMCache size during client upgrade?
Please advise.

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  1. I think the best option is to change the cache setting is via Client Settings? – Client Cache Settings


      I feel same.
      As we wanted to set cache location and size based on specific condition so was looking for command line parameters.

      So we have option to set cache size but we don’t have option to set cache location unless by writing some complex code through baseline deployment.


    Hello Anoop,

    Thanks for your reply.
    What does mean by nee client?
    Not getting any error in ccmsetup.log file but cache path and size not getting change during client upgrade.
    Tried CCMSetup.exe SMSCACHEDIR=Cache SMSCACHEFLAGS=MAXDRIVE command but no luck.

  2. Have you tried these command with nee client? Does that work ? I never tried to change the cache directory but many times changed the size without any issue

    Did you get any specific error when you try to change sccm cache directory and size

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