How to deploy OPENJDK 14 version from SCCM


How to deploy OPENJDK 14 version from SCCM. Do you have any idea. Or you have any helpful link for this deployment. Open jdk don’have a MSI or EXE files.

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  1. No response hence closing the thread

  2. Hello, We’re using the executable file for installing OpenJDK Version 14. However I need to validate from where its available to download.

    You can also use the binaries and do the deployment from batch or Powershell script by creating package!

    For Example : –

    md “%SystemDrive%\Program Files\OpenJDK14”

    xcopy “%~dp0jdk-14.0.1\*.*” “%SystemDrive%\Program Files\OpenJDK14\” /h /e /q /Y

    xcopy “%~dp0EnvPATH_JDK.reg” “%SystemDrive%\Program Files\OpenJDK14\” /h /e /q /Y

    reg import “%SystemDrive%\Program Files\OpenJDK14\EnvPATH_JDK.reg”

    Registry location :- [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment]

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