How to do site reset and remove Central Site to become primary standalone Site


Dear All
I need a small help from all of u as I have already posted one query on the forum that I did installation for mem2002 as a primary site but don’t know when the installation finishes it converted to cs, and 15 days back I have open an ms support ticket really ms sucks what shit support now these guys are saying use the setup file to do site reset and remove central site.

But I am facing one issue is when I finish the installation for 2002 I upgraded using su to 2006
[8:26 PM, 1/12/2021] rajneeshkaura: Now when I am using 2002 setup file to do site reset it is giving an error that your current version is the latest and you cannot degrade or use this setup
Can anyone please help?

See the attached error while using site reset is coming.

Also, this is the support link provided my MS after 15 days ( Remove the central administration site).

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    Anoop just now I tried the steps mentioned with cd.latest but the site reset which is mentioned in the MS link to remove CS is not there any help.

  1. And you need to use the CD.Latest folder source file for reset option if the above option is not working

  2. First of all, you can’t remove the CAS server yourself. You need to contact Premier support for the same. More detailed below from Microsoft Docs……

    Site reset should be the first option to solve the issue.

    Does this help?

    ===============More Details=====================================

    This feature is currently pre-release and not enabled by default. It’s currently available for Microsoft Premier customers that use the latest version of Configuration Manager.

    To enable this feature, contact your technical account manager for assistance:

    Your TAM opens an advisory case, which will use your Microsoft Premier hours.
    You can’t change the case severity.
    Microsoft Support will assist these advisory cases during normal, weekday business hours.


      Anoop I have opened a support ticket only with MS and they shared the link to remove the CAS, but let me see if using cd. latest folder I can get 2006 and from there I can do a site reset.
      Hope it works

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