how to enable HTTPS in SCCM CB 2006



Any idea how to enable HTTPS in SCCM CB 2006 and is there any documentation.

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    Hi, I have a question related to this. I am due to be doing a CMG implementation in next few weeks for a client.

    I understand for CMG that it requires a certificate-based HTTPS web service to secure network communication with clients.

    I assume the MECM environment need to be configured to use HTTPS before I implement CMG? I know HTTPS isn’t configured in MECM but root certificates using their internal W2K16 CA server are deploy to clients and servers. I am guessing that isn’t enough. The articles explained here, will they assist me in moving MECM from HTTP to HTTPS and is there an impact when making this change during production hours?



    I am planning to implement using my internal CA server cerrificate


    There is a lot of documentation about this.

    Are you sure you are looking to implement PKI infrastructure to get HTTPS implementation for SCCM?

    Or do you already have PKI certs in place? More clarification is appreciated.

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