How to find Overlapping in Boundaries


Hi Team,

We are using IP address range Boundaries but still client are downloading data from Primary server DP and Local DP both.

I am suspicious if we have Overlapping.

Site A – Primary server Roles (DP, MP, SUP, FSP)

Site B – DP

Can i get to know on client side and find overlapping boundaries. We are using only IP address range

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    Check LocationServices.log on the client to determine which DP it’s using.

  1. Hello – Overlapping boundary is not an issue for content location. But I understand your scenario is bit different clients are getting content from primary server instead of SCCM remote DP.

    First thing I normally check is boundary groups are assigned to that particular remote DP or not.

    If you are specifically looking for boundary overlapping … you might try this

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