How to force download of program content into ccmcache.


Hi, I have deployed a Program and a task seqence to a device collection and I have devices that have failed to download all the required contents. Please could I have some pointers in where to start with trobleshooting the reason for not downloading all contents, and how can I force the download of content into ccmcache? Running a machine policy cycle has not helped download it, and I have deleted all ccmcache content using Configuration Manager Properties via control pannel.

Many thanks.

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    I hope you have selected the below option already otherwise you would not have deployed a package through TS

    In the Program properties of package go to Advance tab and enable ‘Allow this program to be installed from the install package task sequence’

    To get all content downloaded –

    In the deployment properties of task sequence go to distribution points tab and in deployment options select ‘ download all content locally before starting task sequence’.

    Also see that the content is distributed to DP’s.

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  2. Pre cache is the point that you are looking?

    Does this helpful ?

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