How to install sccm client outside network devices


How to install sccm client in 500+ devices which are now in outside of network due to lockdown,

1.vpn is one option but have to install vpn and then need to push sccm client. There is lot of manual work involed.

2.can I place sccm server in public ? And install sccm client. Even if I place in public how to proceed..? What are the security challenges?? there any other better option ??

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    You will need to enable sccm client from internet in registry for all users though policy or manually.
    Then you will need PKI certificate setup.

  1. Hello Ram – You can check the different available sources to install SCCM Client.


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    I assume you have IBCM setup.

    1. VPN is going to be your best option. You can configure the installation of the client using Software Updates or GPO or users can manually run it from a file share or a batch file.

    2. You will exposed your SCCM server and will face security risks. I suggest you don’t do this. Even so, computers will need to install certs to have them managed over the Internet.

    3. Using remote support tools, you could try to install the client that way but these systems will still need to be able to talk to the MP and get policies and certs. Therefore, the VPN approach is the best.

    4. CMG


      Thanks for your valuable suggestions.
      I know this through gpo client installation process.

      1. Let us assume, I have vpn setup,
      How can I install sccm client using software updates ?
      In vpn which servers need to be add, our AD server and sccm MP server, wsus server ??
      Any step by step document process pls share link ??

      2. Please provide any batch file reference if you have or any reference?
      Meanwhile I can google it. Thanks.

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