How to know which patch has been uninstalled from a server?


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We have by mistakenly uninstalled a wrong patch from SQL server instead of other? Is there any way to know which patch was that Or can we usecany PowerShell script to know which patch was removed in past 7 days??

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    Thanks for the prompt help!!
    But we had already checked it shows windows patch and not sql server patches.

  1. You can check the event ID from Windows Logs -> Setup to find out which KB is uninstalled. Examples are given below

    Event ID 1 – Initiating changes for package KB5006674. The current state is Installed. The target state is Absent. Client id: Software Explorer.
    Event ID 4 – A reboot is necessary before package KB5006674 can be changed to the Absent state.
    Event ID 2 – Package KB5006674 was successfully changed to the Absent state.

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