How to manually remove those 2 patches from ongoing deployment/DPs



A quick question.

ADR is already setup & working & is configured to run every 2nd Wednesday of month.

This month also– ADR run , patches were downloaded, distributed to DP & deployment is going on. Initially on Pilot Machines and for production is schedule after a week i.e. tomorrow. Now microsoft pulls out 2 critical patches due to Reboot issue for Domain Controller & Hyper-V.

Though i have removed them from SUG but then the content was already distributed to DP during initial ADR run.

Now, how do i manually remove those 2 patches from ongoing deployment/DPs.

Production Deployment is scheduled for tomorrow i.e. 19jan22.



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  1. Hi Deepak – Did you figure out a way already to remove two of the patches from the SUG? Software Update Group?

    You can remove the patch from SUG as explained in this –

    Even you can try to delete the patches from patch packages and that refresh the DPs as well.

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