How to patch Azure VM from Onprem SCCM infra


Hi Guys,

Is it possible to integrate on-premise SCCM infra to push the patches for Azure VM’s? We are having VPN Gateway that will connect on-premise network with Azure virtual network dedicated for the project.

Is it possible to use CMG?? or Please give some suggestion on this.

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DINESH VINAY 8 months 2020-10-30T14:51:14+05:30 1 Answer 80 views Beginner 0

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    Best option is to use the below native method :

    But SCCM can be used if the network connectivity is in place.

    You need to open all the required ports between on-prem and Azure VMs through the Azure VPN gateway …

    CMG can be used but there is no need to have CMG in this scenario… you can use

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