How to rerun an application (not package) on single or multiple machines in SCCM?


How to rerun an application (not package) on single or multiple machines in SCCM? There are some way to rerun the package or task sequence (client centre tool and others). Any tool available for application deployment rerun.

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    To run on a single machine use new SCCM Client center which supports application model and you can rerun it from there.

    For running on bulk machine you need to have a powershell script that can run remotely on failed machine triggering the policy for failed application in WMI.


    Application model works in different way (detection logic) than legacy package model. There is no need of re-run rather you do not have option to re-run it as by the very nature of application model it keeps on evaluating the policy (App discovery).

    For your question on remediation there could be several reasons for this hard to get them understand and fix.

    One out of box option just in case if it makes sense assuming those machines are healthy.

    Create the same application in package model and target only those remaining ones from app model deployment which are to be remediated and see if your app deployment % increases also you now have option to rerun / schedule and may be troubleshoot 🙂


    Thanks for the reply, when we deploy any application on over 35k machines. there would be approx 2-3% failure with some generic errors. In package module if you rerun the advertisement (using any tool or creating another schedule on the same advertisement) on the failed devices at least 50% failure count got decreased. So what would be remediation process on that case for application module, seems there is no option to give another schedule on the same deployment.



    my question for you would be, why do you want to rerun the application?
    As Karthikeyan mentions, the application model works using detection rules to detect the successful installation of the application.

    You should have created the uninstallation program to uninstall and then being able to reinstall.

    The other dirty option would be changing the detection rule adding a new and true condition so the computer will revalidate them and perform the reinstallation. But that depending on how your application works could end up not much well.





    SCCM application deployment model works based on detection method. If you want to rerun the application on single or multiple machine then use package model deployment with always rerun option.


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