How to Resolve Slow Client Installation Times in MECM Environment Across in Worldwide


Hi All,

I have a problem with our MECM environment. We have 10 DPs worldwide. Of these, 6 are installed with Windows 10. In our locations in China, a complete client installation takes about 4-5 hours. At our main location (DP on a VM) it only takes about 1 hour. Downloading the OS in China alone takes over 30 minutes.
Does anyone have any tips as to why this might be?

Posted by  Robert Birner in HTMD FB Group

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    Replied by James Miithal

    Robert Birner if the client is committed to the right dp… Then it’s not an issue with the config man… I presume… So this is my understanding – smsts shows the connection from right dp is established, it’s downloading from there.. yet it takes 4 hours?
    Have you enabled any BITS throttling on the dp in question?
    If not.. is it the issue with one specific content (os media) can u check with anyother OS media on the same pc or same location..?
    Is this a baremetel installation (pxe boot) or is it from software center initiated install

    Replied by Akin Akintayo

    I am wondering if you have considered using Peer Cache instead, obviously, this depends on if you have many client devices in the same location and the opening of firewall ports for the cache elements.
    I had a project where we opened a branch office with 150 users that rose to 250, I initially allocated 10 devices to cache content and then up to 20 devices.
    There are some good articles on Peer Cache, and Peer Caching and OSD, there is also a built-in report that shows where clients of designated boundaries are getting content from.
    This is definitely a content delivery and probably also a boundary and bandwidth issue, the DP solution or even secondary site might not be the optimal path for handling content in far-flung places.
    What technical fundamentals informed the decision to use Windows 10 devices as DPs?
    Another thing to manage bandwidth is to use Phased Deployments, especially for Updates, though it has too much manual activity as when I last worked with that, there were no ADRs on it.
    This allows the trickle-down of content over a duration of time and then immediate install when content is delivery. There is good monitoring and reporting for this too.


    Replied by Josh Holschen

    When managing a worldwide company its important to create boundary groups for each region or smaller. So china gets its own boundary group included DP and then add the MPs and whatever else you got going on. Leave out other DPs and this will force configman to use the DP local to China and not pull from somewhere else. Sounds to me like its pulling from a DP somewhere else for whatever reason

    Replied by James Miithal

    Josh Holschen you can answer your question in 5 minutes…just check the logs and see which dp is to connecting from … Check the boundary and binding boundary groups… Issue fixed

    Replied by Robert Birner

    James Miithal all boundaries are correct and the client connect to the right


    Replied by Robert Birner

    Josh Holschen Its over WAN.
    i mean a comletley Installation with a task sequence for a new notebook. Not the Configuration Manager Client!
    The download from the OS an installation in munich need round about 15 minutes. in China more than 1 hour!

    Replied by Josh Holschen

    So you have local DPs but are trying to do remote imaging or is there a data center that you have people imaging workstations

    Replied by Josh Holschen

    If you have people local in China imaging pcs and its taking that long, you have a boundary problem


    Replied by Josh Holschen

    I saw something similar with one of my past clients. Pretty sure China has full control over internet services there. It tends to be spotty. When you say client installation, like you push the client and it doesn’t install for four hours? Where are your management points? Also, do you have a VPN connection to this site or is it over the WAN

    Replied by Robert Frisk

    We had issues when installing office 365 in online(CDN) mode if the internet traffic is routed back to headquarters and then out on the internet.
    Solved by making an offline installer of Office 365.
    Worth checking

    Replied by Robert Birner

    Robert Frisk is all offline

    Replied by Dave H

    What’s in your TS


    Replied by Dany Bouchard

    Then I would look at the logs to make sure it downloads from the right dp. If it does, network and disk il could be the bottleneck.

    Replied by Dany Bouchard

    Also you should try peerchache

    Replied by Dany Bouchard

    And I’m forgetting a about bits configuration on clients. It could be throttled

    Replied by Corjan de Vos

    Robert Birner did you also disable peer cache?


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    Replied by Dany Bouchard

    Make sure that they download from the closed dp. Boundary groups are to look at.
    Also if you have Windows 10 dps, make sure they are not on the flat network, so they are just used to build computers. Also Windows 10 dps don’t support branchcaches

    Replied by Robert Birner

    Dany Bouchard boundaries are all correct. What did you mean with “flat Network”? Branch Cache ist not activated

    Replied by Dany Bouchard

    Robert Birner that they don’t distribute content like updates for thousands of computers.

    Replied by Robert Birner

    Dany Bouchard on this Locations are max 50 to 60 Computers

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