How to see more languages in All Windows 10 Updates


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I went to Software Update Point Component Properties and added Spanish language. Then i did a Synchronize Software Updates at Software LibraryOverviewWindows 10 ServicingAll Windows 10 Updates path. Its been more than a week and i still do not see extra languages in All Windows 10 UpdatesNot sure what i am missing here.

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    Here is the answer.

    In the WSUS console, only English was selected! Have configured the SUP according Microsoft Technet and System Center Dudes Installation Guides. According these documents, classififactions, products and languages have to be configured in SCCM only (configure site components, then specify languages in the SUP properties), but never in the WSUS console.

    After adding German and French directly in the WSUS console and after an update synchronization, German and French Servicing Updates also appeared in the SCCM console.

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