How to use http/https managing client


We have 2 different domain ,

We have enabled https recently hence self signed machines (one of the domain doest have PKI environment) it is not working .

Can we place a MP And use it as http .

This model does it work??

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  1. then you may want to go with separate MP with HTTP

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  2. Wanted to mention that we do have CMG configured recently , so we have enabled htttps on mp and bind the certs in IIS.

  3. Do we require azure ad for ehttp ?

    If no ,

    Do I need to select configuration manager generated for http site systems.from the communication securirty tan on the primary site property.

    Or else

    Can I go for seperate mp for http request ??

  4. Yes it should work … all we are making is one MP on HTTP only.

    Btw – for complete https also did you check using SCCM issued certs and EHTTP since you mentioned one domain doesn’t have PKI

  5. Yes, you can use one MP as HTTP no issues with that I feel …

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