How to validate GPO using DCM.


Hello Everyone,

Recently we have received requirement to create Configuration Item & Configuration Baseline to validate the GPO’s in our environment. I believe the GPO needs to convert in to .cab file so that can be imported in to Configuration Manager. Please let me know, If anyone knows, how to convert GPO in to .cab file so that we can validate them using Configuration Manager.

Thanks in Advance.
Pritam Mayekar

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  1. Hello Pritam, You can backup GPO and use Microsoft Security Compliance Manager (For converting GPO backups\baselines to files).

    Try to use the below link to downloaded

    Once you able to convert file Navigate to Assets and Compliance / Compliance Settings, Import Configuration Data


      Hi Jitesh,

      Thank you for your quick response. I want to know that, where I have to run this “Security Compliance Manager” setup on Domain Controller to take the backup of GPO or any other machine ?

      Pritam Mayekar


        If you are able to export or take a backup of GPO, You can run this tool to the client machine and Import a GPO backup and follow the rest process to convert it to a .cab file.

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      Thank you Jitesh for replying, I will follow the process and update here.

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