HP, DELL Warranty information from SCCM


HI Guys

Need your help i have got a project for getting warranty information pulled from SCCM for HP & Dell ,

Most of the article that i see available doesnt work any more so if some one have done that already & can help would be of immense help.


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  1. If you want warranty information, then you need to look at a paid report from Enhansoft.

  2. Hi,

    Alternative solution. Create powershell script that will take the serial number from the input text file list and check the make and model then directly use web service using API (SOAP/REST) by passing serial number that will get the warranty information from respective vendor portal and finally the information needs to be stored on excel sheet (output file.csv).


  3. Hi,

    I think not possible to get the report from SCCM database. Because inventory warranty information won’t available on client machine end to capture this report via SCCM tool by extending the hardware classes.

    This can be applicable for all vendor products make and models.

    To automate your task. You can get the serial number report from SCCM Database then share that information directly your vendor and ask them to provide the warranty information based on your serial numbers.

    This is the way how we did for my clients for CMDB management.


  4. Yes that is paid Solution thegoodone… they can help if your organisation is ready to pay

    • Yes Anoop as long its fetching the HP information my customer can give it a go , I will check with them once with support to HP if its still working or not .

  5. Anoop sir yes this article doesnt talk about anything in regards to sccm first hr talk about manual n second another enhancesoft that also more of manual efforts to find one machine at a time .

  6. Could you help me for HP pls i know about Lenovo we are not using Lenovo OEM aswell thanks

  7. Anoop i am wondering if any one have done it in his environment as HP have changed its website almost constant all the articles written before 2017 are invalid & doesn’t work any more.

  8. Hello Thegood1

    Can you share which articles you try and where did you get stuck …

    Otherwise we might not able to provide any help unfortunately

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