I need to block Admin$ and SMBv1 from my environment ? is there any dependencies for SCCM functionality ?


I need to block Admin$ and SMBv1 from my environment ? is there any dependencies for SCCM functionality?

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    Admin$ requirement in SCCM Side
    * SCCM client push use admin$ share to push the sccm agent installation on remote machines using automatic or manual client push methods.
    * If you disabled admin$ on all machines then operation side more difficult to check the sccm client log files remotely even if you have admin rights also it will block you %windir%\CCM folder.

    SMBv1 requirement in SCCM side:
    * There is no dependency in SCCM side for blocking SMSB v1. You can disable SMBv1 protocol from your organization for SCCM purpose only.
    * FYI : SCCM use SMB V2 for content replication from one SCCM server to another sccm server.
    * For replicating content from Site server to distribution point server. It use SMB v2 version.
    There is vulnerability in SMB V1 that’s why most of the organization decided to disable this protocol (eg: wannacry virus, Ransomware are affected using this SMB v1 protocol only).


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    Hello, It doesn’t have any dependencies with SCCM | MEMCM. Unless until you don’t have any application that hardcoded with SMBv1. Admin$ is hidden network shares that simply points to the C:\Windows folder in machine.

    + Please check this post for a list of product that uses SMBv1 –



    Admin$ for sccm client push

    I’m not sure SMBv1

    I don’t think any dependencies with the latest version of sccm.

    Make sure your domain controllers are not using the v1

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