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we have IBCM implemented and i just noticed today that i have not clients reporting to that MP usually i have a good handful showing as being managed by my IBCM MP. i noticed today when i connect to



i am getting 500 internal server error.

my mpcontrol.log shows:

Call to HttpSendRequestSync failed for port 443 with status code 500, text: Internal Server Error SMS_MP_CONTROL_MANAGER 6/22/2020 4:16:08 PM 4084 (0x0FF4)

anyone have any suggestion to look at.

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    so i got this resolved figured i would share. still dont know how it happened.
    1) the SPN for my sql server was removed so i had to add the mssqlsvc back. once i did that all the systems were able to connect to the sql server. not sure how this got removed at all.
    2) the nesh http show sslcert showed that verify client cert revocation was enabled again. i disabled that then the systems were able to talk to my IBCM.

    it was very aggravating day not sure how those setting got changed but wanted to share to help anyone if they cam acorss it to check those settings.

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    so i just checked the logs on my sql server and i am seeing all the sudden access errors from the primary machine account.


    What you get when you access the public DNS of your IBCM (MP) from internet client ?

    Does the local IIS page opens on 443 ?

    Also can you recheck the communication between your site server , DB from corporate network to IBCM server in DMZ


    Do you have port 443 open in your firewalls from external to the FQDN?

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