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We have a single IBCM server in our environment. We are planning to install one more IBCM in our environment for testing purpose for very limited period of time may be for 5 days or less. The reason to install another IBCM in our environment bcz we need to test some certificate validation changes and this will be done on production IBCM server after this test. So my question is once we tested the certificate process and from client end. Next step is we will  decommission of the additional IBCM server. Will the clients those are connected to additional management point will get route automatically to previous IBCM server after the policies update. Any thought?

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    You will have to use custom command line with hard-coded MP for those test machines to force them to talk to new IBCM MP.

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    Technically I do not think it will work / switch automatically. Reason being

    You will have two public FQDN for two of IBCM servers (Old and new one)

    When the Internet connected machine is pointing to new IBCM – In the SCCM agent properties – Network Tab there is an entry for Internet based management point (FQDN) which will be auto populated and this will not change just by removing or decommissioning the new IBCM server.

    Possibly you may have to reinstall the agent and see if it works.


      Hello Guru, If all the clients are already registered with the old IBCM then will other clients will be re registered with new one. or we need to at least to take a few client and run the command line with new IBCM server information for testing. which I think.

      The clients are AD join domain and not workgroups.

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