IBCM Server Public FQDN not Accessible..



My IBCM  Public FQDN is not accessible from Internet Рall of a sudden.

Clients are failed to connect to IBCM server.

Though the URL is working fine internally.

Checked….IIS…Web Server Auth Certificate…

Checked…IIS logs…..Getting …..200…..which seems OK.

Below is the log snippet from IBCM Server…


  1. MPControl.log

Call to HttpSendRequestSync succeeded for port 443 with status code 200, text: OK

Http test request succeeded.

Successfully performed User Service availability check against local computer for /CMUserService_WindowsAuth/applicationviewservice.asmx.


What could be the possibility & what all points should i need to check…

Kindly Suggest….!!

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  1. Now the checks should be done from the client side to understand whether the client is getting or trying to get connected to IBCM MPs/DPs etc…

    Have you already checked the same?

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