IBCM Server Public IP address & FQDN changed…!!!



As the title suggest, for some reason , we have changed the IBCM Server Public IP Address & the Internet FQDN.


I have changed the new FQDN under IBCM Site Server settings..

Also, New IBCM IIS certificate was generated with updated SAN entries which includes new Internet FQDN & Bind it in IIS.

Clients which are on Intranet… automatically picks up the new IBCM FQDN & same is reflecting under Control Panel>ConfigMgr>Network applet.

I have tested and these clients working as expected if we are moving to Internet.

But the issue here is ….

For those clients who never been to VPN after this COVID issue.

Tested for 1 of the client & it is still pointing to OLD IBCM FQDN.


How do i Fix This….!!




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    Deepak, I dont think it is possible until those machines either connect to corporate network or VPN.

    Please note there is change in the infrastructure and this information has to be cascaded down, machines need to receive and understand this change.

    This machines will still point old IBCM. One out of the box idea you may try and see if it works.

    Build a script for agent re-installation hard code the IBCM MP, site code in the command line. Share this to one of such machines and get this executed. you may dig more to change registry values in the script to ref for IBCM MP too
    Monitor it for some time and see if it starts communicating

    Best answer

    Forgot to mention…
    A SMS Agent service restart …. followed by…. a Complete System Restart already tried….
    But No Luck…!!


    May be a stupid suggestion … a restart of Windows 10 device might fix this isn’t it?

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