Image Distribute Content Issue.


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I have Added Patches to a image by selecting  Schedule updates and created a new image successfully.

I have distributed the image to all DP’s.

But distribution is not successful due to space issues on Primary site servers.

As part of troubleshooting,  I have removed content from two DP’s by selecting the Remove option.

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After clearing the space I have redistributed the failed DP’s and it is successful.

I selected Distribute content and added the 2 DP’s in which I have removed the content.

but these DP’s are not showing back.


I tried these option couple of times by waiting 12 hours for each try.

In Content Explorer able to see Image Package is removed from the two DP’s.

But Distmgr log says: Every time it try to remove the Package and it is successful but not adding the image back.

Please suggest.

Config Manger:

1 Primary and 20 DP’s.

Exact Issue I am facing:



Satish Thota.





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    distmgr.log not gives any clue.
    The fix which we applied is. Created one more updates imaging adding few more patches.
    It was created with a new Image ID and we distributed to all the DP’s.
    and Removed the old image from all the DP’s.

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  1. Did you find the solution for the issue ?

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