Import Collection from one site to another.


Hi Team,

We are migrating SCCM from one 2012 R2 servers to 2019 server. So we are following the approach to create complete new site and migrate the data gradually from one site to another.

While migrating the collections, we are facing issues as when we export the collection to the MOF file it store the limiting collection details (collection ID) referring to the old environment. And when we import it to the new environment, it import the collection with blank limiting collection.
Researching on this, we identified that the limiting collection ID is referring to the old environment. So we need to change the limiting collection manually before importing the MOF file to the new environment which is not a suitable to do for thousands of collecitons.

Please suggest if we have any other approach or 3rd party tool using which we can import/export the collections from one site (AB1) to another site (AB2).



Vikram Thukral

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  1. Hi Vikram,

    Thanks for reaching HTMD. We have a detailed blog post which, talks about Backup and Restore SCCM Custom Collections. Please check if it helps.

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