Inactive clients are shown in SCCM console


Hi Team,

Once VDI are decommissioned. We could see that AD objects are removed.

Still in SCCM console it shows the VDI name.

I checked the site maintenance task and “delete inactive client discovery data” is set to 30 days and “delete aged discovery data” is set to 45 days.

Is there any other settings we need to check from SCCM or AD end.


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    Thank you. I ll check these settings.


    The settings looks ok for me as long they are running successfully.

    Since those VDIs will eventually become Obsolete, you may need to check one more site maintenance task “Delete Obsolete Client Discovery Data” and see what is the setting. This might help you to address this.


    Hello – I understand there are settings available in SCCM to delete the discovery record and inactive client hardware inventory in the maintenance tasks of SCCM.

    So have you checked whether those tasks are working as expected?

    You can get these details from the console or by running a SQL query

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