Install Application failed with Policy Evaluation failed, hr=0x80004005 in task Sequence


Hello Team,

Has anyone faced issue in Step ‘Install application’ in Task sequence, we are on MECM 2111 version and trying to build Windows 10 21H2 , everything works fine when building Windows 10 20H2.

Package installation works fine in task sequence , only application install fails.

Install Static Application failed, hr=0x80004005

Task sequence exit code – 2147467259


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    Found a fix, it seems like the issue is faced by others as well and this is happening for 21H2 wim file which has been updated in May 22, after servicing the wim file with Latest cumulative update I am able to image the machine and install application without any issues.

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    As you should probably know – 0x80004005 is access denied but you might need to dig a bit deeper to understand what is th reason for the access denied error while installing app using SCCM.

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