Install client dmz workgroup failed


hi everyone, we recently created the sccm environment in https.
We can no longer communicate with the machines in the dmz workgroup.
We uploaded the right certificate and checked the ports on the high pole firewall.
has anyone encountered the same problem?
Our environment is sccm 2002.
thanks for any reply.

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    Unable to retrieve AD site membership LocationServices 20/01/2021 16:11:11 3096 (0x0C18)
    Failed to retrieve DNS service record using lookup. DNS returned error 10060 LocationServices 20/01/2021 16:11:29 3840 (0x0F00)
    No lookup MP(s) from DNS LocationServices 20/01/2021 16:11:29 3840 (0x0F00)
    Policy prevents failover to WINS for lookup LocationServices 20/01/2021 16:11:29 3840 (0x0F00)

  1. You need to look into the log files and understand what is going on

    Let’s analyze the ConfigMgr client logs from the Windows 10 device.

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