install KB3095113, I see a message, “The update is not applicable to your computer.r enable “Windows 10 servicing features” Upgrade Windows 10 using SCCM Servicing Plans with SCCM 1906 –


I would like to utilize Windows 10 Servicing with our 2012 r2 SCCM server. Unfortunately, there are “No items found.” under “All Windows 10 Updates” in the Software Library. If I understand what I have been reading, I need to select “Upgrades” when configuring the Software Update Point.

When I select “Upgrades” on the Classification tab under Software Update Point component Properties, the following message appears…

“Before you enable the Upgrades classification, you must install WSUS hotfix 3095113 on all software update points in your hierarchy. If you do not install this update, the Windows 10 Servicing feature will not properly function. See for more information. Only Windows Server 2012 and later versions running WSUS support the Upgrade classification of updates. Additionally, to service Windows 10 Version 1607 and later, you must install and configure KB3159706 using the guidance at”

However, when I attempt to install KB3095113, I see a message, “The update is not applicable to your computer.” The article at…-wsus-support-for-windows-10-feature-upgrades does not mention anything about MS article. Most everything clearly states Windows Server 2012 or 2012 R2. I have not found much for configuring SCCM on

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager
SCCM 1906

wsus version 6.3

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  1. I think I have clearly mentioned the steps to follow in the post below

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