Installation of one or more roles role services or features failed error:0x8024402c


Does anyone tell me how to solve this issue? I create four virtual machines(database,sccmps, domain,win10) in azure, but I will configure add roles and features .net framework3.5 in the database machine; is it getting the error?

Posted by Satish Kumar P in HTML FB Group

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    Replied by Adrian Moss
    Inject into the wim before you use it or use this tool to do it

    Replied by Adrian Moss
    Satish Kumar P, you need a PowerShell script to inject. Net into the iso file or extracted wim file


    Replied by Paresh Bandre
    You need to install it offline from folder SxS using the DISM command

    Replied by Shahnawaz Hussain
    Click on export configuration and enter the path from window sever cd open source folder and the SxS folder enter in it then it will install


    Replied by Pascal Verhaegen

    The binaries for .NET 3.5 are not included anymore by default. You should be able to point it to the sourcessxs folder during the installation.

    Replied by Pascal Verhaegen

    During one of the steps in the Server Manager, you should have the option to select “Do you need to specify an alternate source path?”.
    I think it’s at the bottom of the confirmation tab.

    Replied by Corjan de Vos

    This is already since about ten years? Wondering why there are still people who don’t know this or can’t find the solution


    Replied by Karthick Iyer
    Please install offline via Dism

    Replied by Satish Kumar P
    Karthick Iyer, I am using the azure free trial; please explain to me how to solve this issue.

    Replied by Brandon Brown
    Please do your research for labs.
    A simple Google search with that error code tells you what went wrong.

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