Installation of Patches without restarting system


Is it possible to install patches and make them work without restarting the machine?

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  1. Any update on this pleasE?

  2. Most of the patches as a default behavior would need a restart to take effect.
    While you have the options to suppress the reboot option in deployment wizard but it is strongly recommended to go with reboot.

    May be you can customize the reboot behavior using maintenance window or custom scripts

  3. The short answer is NO. Patches require reboots in order to apply to the kernel. Without a reboot, patches are still unapplicable even though they are technically installed. Just schedule the reboots and get them done. Furthermore, without a reboot after installing a first batch of updates, then next batch of updates cannot be installed until that reboot happens.

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  4. Hi,

    Yes possible. while created software update deployment. You can select the reboot option suppressed. so that patches will be installed on that machine but without mandatory restart.


  5. Hello Krish, Most of the time updates is required mandatory restart to apply, In this case you can’t skip the restart.

    You can check the behavior for Windows Update KBs –

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