Installing cm 2103,can not Create the Database on the SQL Server

Please give suggestions on how to solve this issue. when I am installing cm 2103 I will get this error.
May be an image of text that says " ြ Home Share Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager Setup Wizard ThisP Install access Desktop Downloads Documents Pictures ThisPC setup sas completed Network Elapsed time: 00:00:01:29 7 Evaluating setup environment Evaluating Configuration Manager dependencies Generating andSOL certificate Removing pre-existing Manager sennces etting server accounts 0 registry C Setting SQL Server database registry keys Setup the atabase on information Server Contact out Report Microsoft administrator ew g button cemselected319k6"
Posted by Satish Kumar P in HTMD FB Group

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    Replied by Haresh Hirani

    There are two issues that might be
    First, check account permissions
    2nd already the same name DB is not present
    If still issue creates file detest. udl and connect DB if you are able to connect or not
    Happy learning


    Replied by Marcel Hennig

    Corjan de Vos doesn’t matter…the Primary Site Server must have admin rights on SQL Server…

    Replied by Rimo Cantha

    You have to add the account that you use to install SCCM on the local server database.


    Replied by Eder Miguel
    Read the log for more details

    Replied by Corjan de Vos

    Never install sccm with your own user account!
    Always use a service/install account and make sure this account has the appropriate rights in every site server and in the SQL database.
    It also needs admin rights on the SQL server itself

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