Integration of Qualys patch management reporting capabilities with SCCM


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Need your advice and suggestions on the following scenario

Is it possible to integrate Qualys patch management tool report capabilities with SCCM. Requirement is to have a centralized reporting dashboards in SCCM ( including data from Qualys patch management tool).

As per few blogs, it is suggested that that there is no direct(vendor provided) API to fetch data from Qualys tool to SCCM but few other suggest we can develop a custom solution which involves development efforts for creating API to do the job.

Can you please suggest if any of you have already implemented this solution and if yes, can you please guide me how

Thanks in Advance

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  1. I think, It’s best to check out Qualys Forum! Surely they will able to provide all details Or let’s wait if someone has already done, you will get their valuable inputs.


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    • yes I agree with Jitesh. just wondering what is the advantage of this integration ? normally all these integrations are performed with a schedule sync between qualys db and sccm sql db tables.

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