Internet Based Client Management Steps


I want to setup IBCM setup in our environment.

What are the exact prerequisite required.[For internally we have created All required certificate but for Internet clients company is going to purchased third party internet certificate] – Can we use internal client authentication certificate for internet client or the purchased internet certificate need to be used on internet clients.

Which certificates [Like IIS,DP or client] need to be import on secondary server ?

Which ports required from SCCM server to IBCM [DMZ], IBCM [DMZ] to SCCM primary Server, IBCM [DMZ] to internet client and Internet client to IBCM [DMZ] ?

Can we use WSUS and SUP as standalone on SCCM secondary server instead of using downstream server with primary server ?


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    Need clearity What if internet certificate is for ibcm server then how we can apply for the same on IBCM server


    for certificate specific question:

    Its not recommended to purchase third party certificate for all internet clients. It will be a hell job to manage those certificates ( Intsalling & renewing it after the 1 year/2Year validity period)

    Better to use Internal PKI workstation certificates on client machines.

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