Internet client got inactive after configuring CMG


Hi all


We configured CMG in our environment n due to that multiple sccm client got inactive.

We have hybrid joined clients

We have import root ca n intermediate ca in cmg while configuring it so that client gets authenticated via pki certificate however when I check client ID manager log ..It shows that pki certificate is enabled however it tries to authenticate via Azure ad and shows


IN ADALoperationprovider.log it’s says

Failed to get aad tocken from WAM API

In clientid manager .Log it says

Failed to send regiaregistr request message error 0x87d00231

WPJ certificate not found

Location service.log says

Cloud management gateway is not allowed to use on this machine






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    I think you need to perform the cmg connection analyser to understand the problem first.

    Don’t use token auth to test this .

    It seems to me a cert related issue

    Client is not able successfully auth

    Have you checked video to understand where it’s gone wrong

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